When my former boss retired, a new president for the university was hired from out of state.  She proved to be a backstabbing snake in the grass.  A job that was so rewarding to come to everyday had turned into nightmarish surroundings.  A place that once placed high emphasis in your fellow man had turned into a place where persons were afraid to speak to each other, afraid to talk, afraid to talk with the former president because the new one looks at it as not being loyal to her.  I'm sure I sound like a disgruntled employee and I am.  I would have never thought that an institution of higher learning would stoop so low and give up their ideals of a freedom-minded organization to one of cowards afraid to stand up for what they believe, just to keep a job.  A job that I am sure they hate to go to everyday. 

lulueberhardt lulueberhardt
56-60, F
Mar 24, 2009