"Operation Try To Forget About Her!"

You see my mom dislikes this girl. This girl already has pupirty, (pupirty, band likes and love, crushes or something), and I didn't like it too. And this girl has facebook. I told her to just forget about me, and we keeped on arguing. I finally solved it and convinced her to just let me decide. And I just decided that, I unfriended her. But I never took back what I did. She was one of the closest friends I ever had. But in mind. I thought it would be better if I reasoned with her. But I gave up hope of her ever forgiving me. It was so unfortunate she was in my school. I want to forget about her an her mouth of a big sucking hole, that collected all the good things she says, and then, it vanishes. Luckily though, it's still summer........ But I still weep.Bestfriend
Crystillia Crystillia
13-15, F
Apr 20, 2012