Ive Lost My Best Friend.

Ive known my best friend for 12 years. But previously Ive been pushing her away like if I was in a mood and I wanted too be left alone then Jess would pop up too me on bbm or text me and ask if I was okay. We'd then have arguements and she's forgive me but she's forgiven me one time too many anf therefore Ive lost her. She's told me that she doesnt want anything too do with me. We go too the same high school, Im a year 11 she's a year 9 and I sometimes catch her looking at me and I dont know whether too smile or just stare back at her. I really need too know a way of somehow getting her back in my life. I love Jess too bits she means the utter world too me. Letting her go is the hardest thing that I can ever do in my life. I just need someone too give me the right guidance that I need in my life too make the one best friend that Ive known  all my life, i just need someone too tell me what I can and cant do to just get her back in my life. Please help ASAP?xloll
LollyBurdess LollyBurdess
May 10, 2012