I Lost My Bestfriend

Well here goes i was really good friends with this girl named cayla we have been friends since 5th grade then.I loved her to to death she was one of my really good friends we did everything together<3 well a year ago we became friends with this girl named Peyton i didn't really like her at first becuse i thought she was gonna take my friend away which she did but i dont care about cayla anymore she stabbed me in the back so many times i just got fed up and dropped her.Well after that i became bestfriends with Peyton like we were the best of friends like we did everythig together and we told eachother everything She was my bestfriend i loved her and cared about her so much thne she became friends with Cayla again and Cayla treats Peyton like ****.I wanna be friends with Peyton not Cayla but peyton will never let Cayla go so like what the **** should i do like **** i miss her so much.What should i do!!!
bannalove bannalove
13-15, F
2 Responses May 22, 2012

Just be patient, as they will be picking up vibes from you by now and fate will take over.

Please help <3