Best Friend? Or Stranger..?

I had met this boy when I was in 7th grade. He was younger than I was.
He was in 6th grade. The only reason I knew him, was because I tried hooking
him up with one of my friend's. They ended up dating, but the thing is....
I started to like him. On the last day of school I told my friend to give a note I
wrote, to give to him. I asked him if I was important to him and if I was his best friend.
When my friend and him were dating, that's when we started becoming very close.
At the very end of the note I said I liked him.
The following year, my 8th grade, his 7th grade,we shared a class. Math.
He sat right next to me on the first day of school. It was so awkward.
He was still my best friend though. A few weeks later he broke up with my friend.
And from there we became inseperable. We'd talk 24/7. We'd sit next to each other
in math, talk in the hall, talk in Student Council, sit with him on the bus, etc.
Then he got a new girlfriend...and disaster hit.
At first it was fine....but then I started getting ignored. Of course.
One day we were at the rollerskating party and he was sad.
I asked if he would skate with me, and suprisingly he said yes.
We held hands and we hands started getting really clamy, so I told him..
he said he didn't care. That moment I fell in love with my best friend.
Afterwards, I asked him how important I was to him, I was second,
and of course his girlfriend was first. Sigh.
A couple months later....he had lost his mother.
I was there for him. He doesn't deserve the life he lives.
After they broke up, I hoped we'd go back to normal..guess not.
On the last day I gave him a similar note..this time not saying I liked him.
When he was about to leave..we hugged. I missed my best friend.
Now I'm a Freshman, I think about him every day.
We don't talk. Everytime I use to see him, I'd try...
but he never said much.
Every time I see him now.. I think..
"What did I do?"
How can someone completely forget a friendship..?
I know he misses me...he's just too afraid to show it.
What should I do?

MReyyy28 MReyyy28
Jun 2, 2012