Breaking Your Heart In Half

Once apon a time... two girls met each other at a piano. One was playing, the other was hardly able to hold herself back from showing off what she knew. The two nine year old girls hit it off imidiatly.
Every Sunday at church for two years, the girls wouldn't leave each other for a second. They would run down the halls backwards, play piano, pretend they were fairys of different seasons. They became the greatest friends.
As the years went on, one moved to a house far away from the other. The one who was left behind would sob almost every night. They would keep in touch over phone, email, and the occasional visit, but it was not the same.
When the girls were thirteen, they only met together once, for only a few hours. The parents would tell both girls to just find another friend, but they refused, and finally the girl moved back to the same town. The girls saw one another almost every day. They would ride horses, bikes, and rollerblades. They'd go to the movies, beach, or just walk around the block. It was like a second heaven!
Highschool came around and one as too busy to see the other, but they kept in touch and tried to meet at least once a month. It would work out pretty well most of the time and the girls were happy.
Now one of the girls disagreed with young teenage dating, while the other was on her third boyfriend by the age of 15. They had a fight about it, which was the first fight they ever had. After a while they went back to their normal selves, but it didn't feel the same. There was an invisible wall between them that neither spoke of.
Only a few months past, when another fight broke out. This was about religion and attacking one of the girl's brother, who had previously tried to give her advice about the phone she had gotten, but was blocked for disagreeing with her oppinion.
They appologized, but one started to doubt if the friendship was worth saving... She had to almost force the conversation and the other didn't want to hear about what she was doing in her co-op group.
On top of this, another Godly friend was coming into one of the girl's lives, and just by smiling, she helped the girl through her tough times.
Today, that Godly friend is now the one girl's best friend, but she is struggling so hard, should she hold on to her first real friend, or just let her go? She would do it in a heartbeat if she could only forget the wonderful memories she once had...
It's like breaking your heart in half.
Ponygirl15 Ponygirl15
13-15, F
Jun 24, 2012