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I Lost My Bestfriend ... Because Of A Guy ...

this guy was dating my bestfriend and they were in love with each other... but there was this other guy that my bestfriend liked... and they had a long story behind them ... so she started dating him ... but the other guy was still in love with her .. and he wanted to move on ... so he asked me out .. and i said no because i wouldnt date my bestfriend's ex-boyfriend ... and i didnt like him .... and i showed her the convo cause i wanted to be 100 % honest with her and i thought that i could tell her anything ... and we promised each other that we would never get mad at each other .... but she got mad at me ... because she thinks that i like the guy when i 100% dont ... it makes me sad that i lost her because of a stupid guy....
... but then i think ... maybe we just got mad because .. we werent meant to be bestfriends .. or its just a fight ... but i think that if she comes back .. we are meant to be bestfriends ... but if she doesnt..... uh.
im just so stupid ... i hate myself i went through a lot this year and i didnt have a bestfriend and when my life was going ok this **** just happens ... like what did i ever do i always try to help people however i can.... i dont know what i did wrong to have this stuff going on ... i just wanna die... :'( i think i never felt so bad in my life... did i actually do something wrong or not.. please someone comment i cant take this anymore .. and i need someone ....... :'(
Alwayssadmaybeforever Alwayssadmaybeforever 13-15, F 2 Responses Jun 24, 2012

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You did nothing wrong, she over reacted. Keep your head up <3

please ... i need someone...