My Best Friend

I am 14 and I had a best friend her name was Jesylyn but everyone called her Jessy. I met her thru my mother and Jessy was 22 when i met her. She turned 23 and died recently. She was born with HIV, she and i got close. i loved her like a sister and i adored her very much. what hurts the most was that she died on my youngest brothers birthday which was July 18th 2012. i haven't been able to cope with it i feel like she hasn't died. i think that i just cant accept it. i saw her dead body and was at her funeral. i was walking to the cemetary to her bural and i saw a girl and she literally looked like Jessy. i feel her at night when i am asleep. i cant cope with her death. i know she is in a better place but i still wish she didn't die.
jaylynn97 jaylynn97
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1 Response Jul 24, 2012

She live in your heart for always, take your take and take care of you xx

I know but i still miss her so much. I wish she never died. :-(