I think its official me and my best friend Halle are no longer friends she likes this girl  Cassidy more I get it. Cassidy has no flaws shes awesome except for being the occasional ***** but i mean everyone is a ***** every once in a while. I don't think I can go on without Halle (no homo) shes been my best friend for years no problems until Cassidy came in. I'm listening to "What hurts the most" by Rascal Flats  its on repeat.  I'm crying, shes probably ok I mean shes with Cassidy and Cassidy has always made me feel good about myself so shes probably making Halle feel good (no homo). All I can do to make myself feel better is sing it always makes me feel better. I mean it calms me. Me and halle r still discussing being friends or not but its not getting very far. I can't b friends with her if her and Cassidy r still friends i get way to jealous then i get mad at Halle. So yea were probably not going to b friends I mean she can't give up Cassidy for me, Cassidy's way better shes awesome. I think it was meant to be I was mean to her in second grade and we weren't  friends and now since we are best friends this is how karma stabs me and I have to deal with it karma's a ***** but it knows i deserved it. I feel like It's all my fault now I'm such a bad person I mean I just lost my best friend and its all my fault I wish i could take it back but I can't.
Kittygurl123 Kittygurl123
13-15, F
Sep 9, 2012