Losing The Best Relation I Ever Had

In the previous week of christmas, my best friend called me & informed me that she would visit my home on the x-mas eve... I have waited 8 years to meet her and I thought it would be the best Christmas Eve ever. But it turned into the worst period of my life!

I broke my knee on an accident just before a day she was about to arrive. But I was so damm happy that I ignored my pain and I din't even go to a doctor. I cleaned rooms, cooked her favourite dishes, went to shopping for her. But when I went to pick her up in the morning, I waited for a long time at the railway station. I called her, she said, she missed the train, she will come later in the evening train. I returned back home & keep waiting for her. In the evening, I, again went to station to pick her up, this time, I saw her standing on platform. It felt so nice to see her after 8 years, we hugged each other. But after a while, she said that she could not stay in my house as she has come to meet a boy, not for me, she lied to her parents that she is visiting my place! She lied to me also. I requested her her to stay only that night in my house, but she was very determined not to stay with me.
She told me that she will be at a shopping mall the nxt day & if I want, I can join her.
To be true, It felt so bad, I was so very hopeful, but unfortunately, she had let me down.
The next day (25th Dec), I went to that mall... and she gave me a shock!
She was with her cousin and she was not expecting me there. And so, she insulted me like nobody can imagine! She felt embarassed as i seemed unsmart to her!
I told her, "but dear, you asked me to come here." She laughed at me & said, "Oh grow up! you're not a kid anymore. I've come here to enjoy myself, if you need company, then you help yourself, find a rich guy. I'll be busy here with my guy. I hope you understand."

I was silent, listening to her words......Oh God!
I can't believe this is the girl with whom I used to talk over phone daily.

My eyes were about to burst into tears, but somehow, I controlled myself, I smiled, and asked her to go to the food court & have something to eat. She asked me,"are you gonna give us treat?" I smiled and asked her what she'd eat. She was still laughing about this matter with the guy with her who was her cousin. I bought food, she thanked me. I starred at her for a while and I made my mind. I decided, after that day, I'll never show my face before her in my whole life! But I din't say a single word, she asked why I am so silent. I just smiled. After having food, she said that she wants to visit a club with her cousin, I called a taxi for them. Before she sits in the car, I hugged her tightly & whispered, "be happy, take care."
And she gone.......

I, took to a bus to the railway station to go back to my home. In the bus, I could not hide my tears, I was sitting behind a window & people were starring at me strangely as tears were rolling down my cheeks. I realised from that day, she had gone from my life. There was a time when she used to love me truly, but today she is just dead inside.
Being far, she was close to my heart. But when she came closer, I lost her.

After that day, she tried to contact me several times, still trying, but me... I will never forgive her. She has broken my heart so badly, I can never trust anyone that deeply. Someday, she'll realise that she has lost a true friend who loved her die-hard.
I pray to God that he may bless her.
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18-21, F
Jan 8, 2013