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Just Ranting About An Frienemie.

Okay; so I have this friend; well I have multiple ones; but I'm here to complain about a friend; who we are going to call Backstabber; her grandmother hates me and has threatened to call the cops on me before even though I did nothing to her; and I did call 911 on their granddaughter aka Backstabber; and that was because she was threating to kill herself; but we are getting off topic. Okay well Backstabber decided to steal by Boyfriend back in December than they broke up cause she found out he was cheating on her; with a couple of other women. And she decided to hack his FB account and he blammed me and her; than her grandmother blammed all the slhit on me and he called the cops on her and declared cyberbullying and crap; so she hasn't talked to me since than and her grandmother told me to stay away though I did nothing and it was her fault for even letting him say nasty things to her. And well; long story short; I also found out she had been lying to me and all kinds of crap so I hate her but I love her and I dunno what to do. I want to stay away from her but I also want to talk to her; and I haven't talked to her in over a month now I'm just worried because she has a history of drug abuse -- with phrisciption drugs and she has a history of cutting and suicidal attempts and stuff and she has a mental disability and I was her one resource to go complain to and make her feel better so I'm just worrying now; and I dunno if I should try to contact her or what.. What kind of mess have I gotten myself into!?
Alycia2000 Alycia2000 13-15, F 1 Response Jan 12, 2013

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You said that she always came to you with her problems and you made her feel better. It sounds like she was using you as an unoffical therapist. It's nice that you can talk to people and comfort them, but this girl obviously has some *very serious* mental problems, which go way beyond just needing a friend to talk to. She needs a professional mental health worker and it's *not your job* to fix her problems. My advice is to *stay away* from her and her grandmother. Trying to contact them will only make things escalate. Keep her in your prayers because she is a very sick girl, so she deserves compassion, (but only from a distance). Let it go (including the anger you feel toward her) and you will feel a big sense of relief. Everything will be okay if you can just move on and get busy with new people, new friends who don't lie, and fun activities to keep you busy.

Thank you. :D I probably should. :D