My Best Friend

My best friends name is Anna. She is everything to me. The only person in the world i can tell anything to. She was the most God given person on the earth. I last saw her on November 3rd ( a friday) telling her that i loved her and would she her later. That night she was killed in a car crash. I got the phone call saturday morning after my morning basketball game. i will  never forget that moment. i could move, breathe, think straight. i was soo lost and confused. I was in so much pain. everyone around me couldnt do anything. i went to school monday and by wednesday i realized that the crying and the sorrow wasnt doing anything for me or the people i was around. so i stopped. stopped thinking about her, everything. i saved all my emotions for when i went to bed and was alone. I miss her so much. its unreal. i ve never felt so much pain and aloneness in my life. to this day im not over her death. when you find that one person in the world who you feel more complete around and with, then one day there gone and you no longer have anyone... its hard.
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i am so sorry about your bff..i just lost mine has only been a week and a few days, it gets easier then harder , guess gradually it willget easier. talk to friends , those who knew her and those who knew of her from you, yes you will have other friends . no one is going to be her , they cant be and who would want them to, treasure their friendship.

i'm so sorry ... I've lost a very close friend and it was because of nothing she just stopped caring ,calling or anything els she just left without saying goodbye .. ... it has been a year and a half since that and i didn't get over her leaving .. i'm telling u this to tell u that if she was dead it would be more easy to my heart .. and to me .. i lost everything after her ..even trust .. but u still could give a chance to someone else .. keep praying for her .. and talk to her everynight i'm sure she will listen to u .. but don't loose hope and love ..

It's hard for you, and I know how much it can hurt you emotionally, but don't become a sobbing mess because of her - that's not what she would want you to do. Give Time time, and become stronger.

oh, try to listen invincible by jesse mccartney.. im sure you can relate.

oh, try to listen invincible by jesse mccartney.. im sure you can relate.

I lost two friends in september. One died of cancer. He was a very good friend and it hurt me very badly. I closed myself off from my best friend who had been going through depression. I didn't want to talk to him because I felt I deserved to wallow in my grief and his pains were not as bad because he hadn't lost a friend. A week later I get a call telling me that my best friend Brent had killed himself. If I thought I felt pain before I was wrong. I fell to ground and my brain and body shut off. And then I cried. I collapsed then cried. For the fist while I blamed myself. but you need to know as I have found out that this does not get you anywhere. You are always going to miss Anna as I am always going to miss Brent but don't let it rule your life. You will never get through it if you don't face it. Remember everything and dont bottle it inside. It is going to hurt. But DONT GIVE UP. if you can do this you will be truley strong and you wont have to hurt all the time anymore. =) I believe in you.

I am so sorry. I have not experienced death of a close friend which i am glad. I have lost close family memebers so I can relate to the pain. Its easy to say don't keep it all inside but its not easy to share it. If you can share it will help heal you inside. :)

I am so sorry...SS

I'm so sorry to hear about Anna.I've only had one person pass away(my grandfather)but we weren't very close.<br />
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I'm dreading the day when I lose someone terribly important to me,I can't even imagine what you must be going through.

I'm so sorry for your loss.I lost my best friend and spouse , i miss him terribly . Cherish your memories, she is always with you.

I'm sorry to hear about your loss - it is always harder when things come suddenly, and without warning. Whilst it is little consolation, it would seem Anna has left a legacy through the positive impact she had on your life. Not all of us are able to say that we have meant so much to one person, as she has for you. And that is a wonderful thing to live on through, even if at the moment, the loss is just so large.