A Sudden Loss

Today I found out that a close friend died suddenly last month.  He had been sick only a few days.  We were in school together and, although we were different personalities, we eventually became close friends.  I hadn't seen him more than once or twice a year in recent years, but whenever we got together, we re-connected instantly.   I had thought about calling him over the holidays because we shared a great Thanksgiving together one year, but I did not.  I will really miss him.  

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3 Responses Feb 26, 2010

I am very sad to hear about the loss of your friend. <br />
Take care <br />
<br />
- Marin

I'm sorry for your loss.... its always hard when you lose day to day contact, but having the ability to re-connect when you get together after time apart shows real friendship, and as such your loss is eve more sad since those friendships don't come along often. Take comfort in your memories - so long as he remains there you will never lose him, x

I am so sorry to hear that.