I Recently Lost My Best Friend.?

I guess i should start at the begining?         by the way i recentlu lost 2 friends.

i wont use her real name, so lets call her.. jenny.

me and jenny met in preschool but her friend didnt like me. jenny did like me so we stayed friends. she was my first friend.

throughout 2nd grade everything stayewd the same, and our relationship just grew stronger. when we got to 3rd grade we met (once again i dont want to use her real name so we'll call her.. wanda) wanda and it became me jenny and wanda. we were such good friends and stayed good friends until the end of 4th grade.

during 4th grade we became friends with 2 other girls. again no real names, so 1. abby and 2. bonnie.

me jenny and wanda became friends with abby and bonnie. we all were friends and everything was fun and exciting until the end of that year. a the end of that year there was a huge fight. our group was split. wanda wasnt in the group any more so it was me jenny abby and bonnie. then one day i was sick and when i came back jenny didn hangout with me anymore so it was me abby and bonnie. we became really close and eventually bonnie left too.

me and abby were EXTREMELY close. we both have interesting pasts and not the best home lifes so we told eachother everything and gave eachother advice.

the group came back in fifth grade minus bonnie, but that didnt last long. me jenny and abby became inseperable during sixth grade. over the summer of 6th grade me and abby hung out almost everyday and had double sleepovers every weekend. 7th grade came and i didnt have any classes wih abby or jenny. i becme friends with (again the name thing, so emily) emily. me jenny emily and abby became the best of friends, until abby and jenny got in a fight. during that fight i stayed nutural betweeen the both of them because they were both my best friends. eventually thart was solved.

the summer of 7th grade me and abbby werent as close but we were still friends. jenny and  i were still best friends. here comes 8th grade( the grade im in now) and were all still friends but me and abby werent as close. me and jenny hung out all the time and she was almos family. abby and i barely hung out but we still texted an talked on the phone up until around christmas.

me and abby were not really friends after around  january.

i became friends with (name thing.. carole) carole, and we are really close. one day on facebook carole and jenny were talking and got into a fight and i guess jenny said somehing about me and carole was defending me. then jenny got abby to chat me and the both sent me these long paragraphs about ow i was wrong and i shouldve talked to jenny face to face. i had no clue what they were talking about. the agrguments went on and abby flat out told me she hated me. (thats friend 1) jenny and i were arguing and i thought we were in a huge fight so i said alright can we just solve this [eacefully. and she said this isnt worl war 1. and then i said okay and it ended there.

2 days later i chated her.. this is how it went. (below)



3:28pm me

can we like talk about this?

3:30pm jenny

why do you want to talk? you were the one who caused this. i dont want to talk to you. at all.

3:31pm me


so are we not friends.

3:32pm jenny

all this made me realize that i dont like you very much.

3:32pm me


oh. i guess i understand.

3:33pm jenny


3:33pm jenny




that was friday. febuary 26th 2010.

after 10 almos 11 years of best friendship she left. im crushed and she doesnt care. to make things worse she answers questions abut me on facebook that are mean. she says things that i told her secretly and i just hate it. i want to be mad at her, but i cant. i would take her back if i could. she was the best friend ive ever had. and now im lonely.  


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Mar 2, 2010