I Sure Did, Sadly.

I lost my best friend in the world.  It sucks when you have no one to turn to, but I am sure things will get bettter.  This person knows everything about me.. everything.  Like, I told him my mouth hurt and from me saying that he knew my period was coming.  I am the reason why everything ended, it was my choice.  So I only have myself to blame.

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6 Responses Mar 7, 2010

we have to learn from our mistakes, still we cant live on the past. I lost my best friend too and it was my choice but Im sure that another friend will come. Have faith and you will see the results...! hugs

Good luck. I do hope you can keep a connection with him at some point. It sounds like a relationship worth saving even if it's on a different level.

It is really hard to fix this one because we were in a relationship, I broke up with him. It is kinda hard to talk to him knowing he's in love with someone else. So, I am not sure. Maybe in a while after I've properly moved on.

Is there any way you can repair the friendship? It's sad to lose someone you're so close to and they're not easily replaced.

Oh, he will, he's definitely not malicious. I just miss having someone to lean on or confide in about various things. He never got angry at me, never exploded on me for ridiculous reasons, and he's the only person in the world I can say that for.

hugs =]