Very Lost

i have recently split from my partner and am very lost and depressed.on anti depreessents but still withdrawn and can not stop crying.i have no idea where he is and just love him.i have a 12 year old son.he is very worried about me with this depression.
sarahg sarahg
36-40, F
3 Responses Mar 30, 2007

It is difficult to cope with separation of loved once especially like you who has love for husband. Think of the well being of your son in your mind as the priority right now.I wish things will improve in future.May almighty give you lot of courage and peace.

please dont cry.... if he only new the damage he has done 2 u then he would pay.. u have 2 b strong 4 the sake of your self and your son . its to l8t 2 let go so u have 2 get through this.. you will b strong again but u have 2 heal.......sending you my love and light u are not alone ...

Every thing takes time. Just keep on with your therapy and meds and one day you will on day get to live again. It is always hard to lose someone. And you will always love the one you lost. But time will give you the chance to deal with it.