Learning 2 Breath On My Own

im gettin stronger every day. he has hurt me hurt me in a bad way i have felt lost and alone scard 4 life....but im not gonna let him hurt me no more.. i got 2 start breathin again.. its bin so long iv nearly 4 got....2 give some body 12 years off my life just 2 mess my head up 2 the point i dont want 2 b any more makes me angry so there i draw strengh... so then im ready to make room 4 my new life.... bit hard 2 deal with but all the same its my life i want to live it ...im better off giving myself 100% at least i get 100%back...i kan trust me....
badgirl badgirl
31-35, F
2 Responses Jul 21, 2007

thats good you are strong and you will have bitter life just try to think carefuly and do relaxing exsersiz feel peace inside try to understand any one by looking in his eyes try use your brain in the first if you want iwill help you the steps of knowing.raed from jordan

It does get better with time. Its not easier right now, but it does with time, lots of time....