hi.everyone  my husdand for 24years got cancer 2 1/2yrsago in oct.08 he passed. we have 2 small kids .they know things ain't right . one can't do anything but talk, theother keeps saying let it go .his 1st,birthday without daddy.he'll be turning a teen in just a week.christmas ,thanksgiving was hard.few months ago i was fine now i 'm not so sure.  is anyone in my sahoes??

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Hello there i too lost my husband to the big C on feb 15th it is so hard going on with out him so i understand your pain . i hope you find joy from your lovely children as you would of done with him x x

Hey stevesr, <br />
It's been awhile. I know how you feel. My family doesn't understand why I'm lonely either. <br />
To be able to share your thoughts and feelings with your husband and know he understands you better than anyone. He knows how to respond and what you need more than anyone. It's very lonely when you lose that.<br />
After 2 and a half years, I still cry if only for that reason. To be alone is far different than to be lonely. I would rather be alone anyday than to be lonely. I am here for you still.....

hi, am;i wrong tobe bored or lonely?my husband passedlast oct.i have my2kids somefamily,but its not thesame as having someone to talk with,out ofthe bluemy youngest shes9 told me lookup my oldfriends but ibeen 24 yrs,i noteven know where anyone isnow ,should i look? help i dont when to marry or love just some one i can talktoo,differ thanabout familythings bills.etc..

I don't like the holidays much anymore. I'm not even sure my kids are into them as much either. It's not the same without John.<br />
Easter is here and there isn't much talk about eggs and hunts. There is still the interest in chocolate bunnies, though. Mother's day isn't a holiday for me anyway. I mostly get things from the kids. That's always fun for me, because I get to tease the kids on the sudden flood of appreciation I get just before they start giving me grief again.LOL.<br />
They are hard, but I muddle through. So do the kids. One day. One day they will be happy times again. I'm sure.<br />
Much love to you and your family Stevesr.

other holiday ,,other one without my husband only5months now, but i have 2 kids so i always act happy ,, is there anyone thinking about the holidays too?

Hello Stevesr. Yes. I have three young children. Well I say young my oldest is 14. My husband died suddenly almost 2 years ago. My youngest is 10. Now. She was eight when he died. <br />
Its hard. I remember having to come home and tell my children he was gone. <br />
It was the most horrible day in my life.<br />
There is two groups here on this site :<br />
I am a widow and miss my husband and<br />
Am recently widowed<br />
I am a member of both groups. Not so much the recently widowed one, although I do go there to try to help others who need someone to talk to.<br />
<br />
There is a lot of us on those sites with similar situations and feelings. It helps to talk and share with each other. Please feel free to message me. share your thoughts and feelings with all of us and we will be glad to help you while you help us as well. <br />
If you need me just message me. I answer all my messages regularly.<br />
I pray for you and your young ones.