Stop Woman!

Today has been a long one due to no sleep and working. All i wanted to do after i left my clients home(clean houses for a living) was to go home and take a nap. I was so tired i felt sick.

On the way home i was passing an old friends house and all of a sudden.... That voice ... a gentle whispering in my ears, running through my head ..said... "Stop woman and go see this friend". wow... ok... I listen when i hear that voice.

I stopped and the main things i was in "need" of... came to me with that visit! *smile* Pure magic. My truck was in need of repairs to keep me on the road, i travel so much to each of the homes i clean. I am exchanging my services of cleaning their home for their services to fix my truck! too cool.

I have been looking for a part time job to help me make ends meet, i have a 90 percent chance getting one with my friend's mom doing just what i wanted to do... cook in a ma and pa restaurant. So thursday i go for an interview.... i know i got the job. *smile*

So after a long day, it's been a great day of hope and wonder for me!

Now, just now, a friend called to invite me to supper. lol... I'm gone................ Take care ~see ya

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5 Responses Jul 26, 2010

You are certainly one resourceful person. Hope you find a way to break yourself free to go rock hunting with me later in September.

Hi JustLoveMe, just got home, need to make a make-shift resume so i can rattle off my experiences. It been a long time since i filled out one. Anyways.... Thank you my friend! I need to eat and .... be back in awhile. My truck sounds and feels so bad! I worry the minute i leave home till i get back. Take care.

Hi just got home, full belly and wore-out. Thanks for sharing in my excitement, which i am! I'll check out the video, may not be tonight because i have dail-up and its sooo slow.... but i Will listen and watch after work tomorrow....or try too :~) Well i'm going to sit a spell then off to la la land, hopefully. Thanks again, we all need support and kind words. *smile*

oh one more thing , i recieved an email today that i am sharing with all Ep members, its a 3 min. video which says just the right words, check it out you will defenitly see the timming is right for you, and everything does happen for a reason.

i love it, Its real, and its yours, keep believing and trusting what comes to you. My friend happiness and Joy will lead you, I'm excited!