Wow,i Am Not Deserving Of Such Wonderful Support.

To all my close friends and a few others,I am constantly amazed and humbled at the kind gestures,greeting cards and words that you send me.I feel like a fraud as I am not deserving of such constant support,it is all deeply appreciated and really lifts me up when so often I am down.
I have always been honest and have presented myself as I am,a very flawed man with some issues I struggle to overcome.I have posted many stories always true of myself and my inner insecurity yet some very special people on here have stood by me to my amazement,for as long as I remain a part of the Experience Project however long that may be I will always be in your debt,I will always carry the spirit of warmth you have given me,thank you one and all,your friend,garvan.
garvan garvan
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Oh dear,such kind loving generous words that have so much meaning,thank you.<br />
<br />
I hope I can live up to such praise,I will try,I will always seek to work on my character,not to cover up the cracks but to work on my failings,learn from mistakes and be the best I can be.This is a lifetime commitment and I hope it is enough,when my days are no more for my spirit to find a resting place where there is no fear,pain or suffering.

We could not support you and Show you Love this way if the Creator did not support it. You are due this and more. Did you not know that all of us including YOU..are worth more than gold, diamonds, or money of any amount. We are precious in the universe and so are YOU!!<br />
Just because you are you is why we Love and Support you. Try Loving both parts of you & all sides of you in a gentle, Loving, and forgiving manner. Do this a lot. please. The person you will see is the person we already see....understand? Try Loving from the inside out.. not the other way.<br />
Love by the Creators Laws..and the Laws in your heart. Stop being so hard on yourself. We are all allowed not to be perfect all the time... Do not let mankind give you the rules of your life, dear. Search your will see. Prayers & Blessings, livingwell

Garvan darling - you do deserve every bit of love you get here and everywhere else in the world. Everyone has flaws. So what? We all do our best to be good people and treat others as we would wish to be treated. You are one of the kindest and most genuine men i know. Please do accept all the love you get. It is the most important gift you will ever receive. You have touched and helped so many here and in your everyday life, just by being the wonderful and caring man that you are. Just please concentrate on all the positive always and pray over the negative. My prayers, support and friendship will always be with you. I am blessed to have you in my life, as is everyone who is your friend. I hope that you will keep yourself protected here and let in only the good. I wish you peace of mind, goodness and happiness. I love you my friend. Take good care and never lose touch :) xoxoxoxxoxo hapi :)

Thank you :-)

WOW, YES YOU ARE!!!! Accept it. You are pretty great.

People helping people, that's what EP is all about. I love being here, clicking on that Welcomw Home button. With strangers sharing all of their emotions,and feelings, that will touch a heart of someone in need. To be here is "The Real Purpose Of Life" to always help others.I agree garvan this is one heartfelt site.

recieving loving, supporting inspiring messages every day like you do.... well, you must be a special soul! this is nice!<br />
Have a good day. take care