Could You?

I have often heard "Oh I could never kill anyone, ever" and I think to myself, I could. I mean, if I hear someone breaking into my house and I have a weapon, their *** is mine. I won't harm them or lame them, I will kill them...dead. You see, my theory is, if you hurt them, they go to the hospital, go through pain and suffering, then go to jail for a bit..with our system, they WILL get out and they WILL be you. You will have to spend the rest of your life looking behind you. Nope, not me. I could live with it and it wouldn't bother me to change the carpet or paint the walls if I had too.

Have I been angry enough to kill. Sure. But prison orange is not my color

But as of right now "I reckon I ain't got no reason to kill nobody"
JustcallmeCurly JustcallmeCurly
46-50, F
Sep 22, 2012