I Reclaim Me:

(This is for everyone who has experienced the pain of emotional abuse:)

You came into my life,

and nothing has ever been the same since.

You touched a special part of me that noone had ever touched before.

The vulnerable me that longed to be loved.

You lit up my life with laughter, shared my hopes and dreams,

dried my tears and loved me.

You were a treasured person in my life.

Then things began to change, the man i knew and loved begain to leave,

in his place was a cold and distant stranger who seemed to want to crush and destroy me.

Where there had been love, warmth and acceptance

there was colness and hostility.

Confused and bewildered i tried so hard to make things right,

searched for an answer to the question why???.,

For a long time my memories of what once had been fed my hope that tender times would come again.

That hope died slowly, replaced by piercing sorrow as i decscended into the darkness of total despair


Leaving you was the hardest thing i ever did

,but i knew i had to do it to survive


Bewildered, alone, afraid, i turned my back on all i believed in,

and began the quest, through the darkness towards the light,

to reclaim me.

It takes a long time to pick up the shattered pieces, and painstakingly rebuild,

Deep woun'ds my heal,but i am not the same   i am changed,

I struggle to come to term's with that.

Will the woman who evantually emerges somehow learn to trust again?

But their are unexpected gifts, sorrow has carved a new depth within me

there is greater understanding and compassion,

And  i  now know that the most precious person in life is me,

I am   recieving myself back,

and that gift is all the more precious because it is truly mine.

(taken from the book, Invisible wounds) (kay douglas)        (Feflower in Nz)

Feflower Feflower
36-40, F
3 Responses Jun 19, 2007

Sometimes, when this happen, you feel alone in this world. It's nice to know that there are other people to help you heal, but sad to know they have been hurt as well. What a great poem!. I'm glad you share it. Taking ours life back shouldn't be a struggle.

Beautiful story. BTDT. This is also what I am trying to do. Reclaim my life.<br />
It really is a journey.

Way to go Girl