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Land Of The Lochgelly Tawse. The Question Of Training And Technique.

It always struck me the different way women teachers coped with administering physical punishment.

Now, just look around you on the strap or tawse or spanking associated experiences. There is a definite preponderance of men. But, allowing for selective memory, I can clearly recall that actually while a few key men were the most dreaded when it came to getting the strap, it was actually the ladies who delivered most of the beltings.
Why should this be?

Also there was a spectrum of both techniques, equipment and styles of punishment involved.

Lets explore technique.

Technically some punished from in front of the pupil eye to eye so to speak. Others had the pupil facing the class while they strapped transversely across the hands. Some teachers held the split thongs of the strap and hit you with the shaped handle end, others used the belt as it had been designed preferring the double or triple thwack of those nasty long thongs.
I wonder what the psychology involved was in selecting these different techniques?

Any Views?

The most dreaded technical variation was when you were asked to being a jotter out with you. Here the teacher would open your jotter and instruct you to hold out your crossed hand for punishment. She would place the jotter across your wrists before belting you.
I believe the message she was trying to send here was.. I am going to strap you so hard and with such lack of restraint that there is a significant chance that my aim will be compromised and that I will seriously damage your wrists and the softer tissues there without some form of protection- God save your hands though.
This had an unintended consequence though. Even a "safe" medium belting which went up your wrist would bring a gasp even from a regular such as myself. Further, the distinctive squared off track-lines on your forearm left embarrassing evidence of the belting for days- much ribbing. So,many of the female less strong belters seemed to make this mistake with uncommon frequency. Lack of skill or feminine wile.. I ask you?

Next there were the front of class or in the corridor belters. boys were universally punished in front of the class- nearly always mixed sex except for the registration class first thing. Girls however were treated variably. Some female teachers treated them just as the boys-same public beating. Others marched them just outside the door to the corridor. A bizarre site, girl abashed with her head down preceding a grown women carrying a thick leather strap. Utter class silence. We would listen attentively to the mumbled lecture, the much more distinct retort of leather on palm , the habitual squeal, ......again, crack, squeal... again, crack squeal..until the teacher was satisfied with her work. Next the whole procession reversed. Door opened... in marched a confident empowered teacher who surveyed the class, belt in hand, saying non verbally- Right behave or you're next! Behind her trailed a red faced girl, often sobbing, with her hands tucked under her armpits who sloped off to her seat.( Not all mind you.. there were some right HARD lasses at my school.)

Some female teachers varied between these techniques I suppose adding the mortification of being leathered in front of 30 staring eyes to the severity of the punishment they felt fitted the crime. This public lashing of the girls I now believe to have been utterly irresponsible at the above 15 age group. It resulted in near universal sexual stimulation of guys at a particularly "virile" age. This has undoubtedly resulted in damaged boys as well as girls.
I will freely admit that to this day I enjoy administering a controlled and consensual belting to the occasional lass who expresses an interest. Nothing as severe as the above you realise- just enough to give a little gasp and a light sting!
Male teachers were, I believe, more responsible, more aware of the sexual dynamics of both of the pupil and the class. More often than not they would punish a young lady, albeit more severely, in a private environment.

I would be very interested in the views of all readers on this issue. I am in particular interested in the interpretation of females on the psychology of these lady teachers and what might have being going through there minds when they performed these now bizarre punishments particularly in a public environment. Why did more females belt than men? Wasn't it mortifying to perform the belting?

Records show that 4000 tawses were sold a year in Scotland to teachers, mostly female . Simple maths dictate that there are many ex or present teachers out there that administered the tawse. If you did why not respond to the above and justify your actions in an open ad friendly discussion of experiences. Or is it you are too ashamed now of your actions? ( A little cheeky I know but I am hoping to provoke debate.)

Well time fails me. I'll have to reraise training at another time..Sorry
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I think the scariest times were when you were told to stand out in the corridor and waited for the teacher. That happened a couple of times to me, maybe a minute or two wait, teacher coming out and then you were for it. I always found that they really leathered you hard away from the class, sitting in class when someone else was getting it was always really scary too.

I Ladies Look A Man In The Eyes When They Strap His Hands
The Rule Was That I Had To Look Her In The Eyes. If I Looked Down At Her **** Then I Would Really Get Super Thrashed!
I Was Forced To ***** Naked To Get The Palms Of My Hands Strapped!
The rule was that i had to look her in the eyes.
If i looked down at her **** then i would really get super thrashed!

During a one hour session a moderate ten strap strokes right up to the elbow happens to me to fill up a circle of events. The little yellow bruise marks on my forearm i call "girl marks."

I am also spanked over the knee about the same number of times, so while my hands recover my *** gets it.

I love having my hands strapped because it has a "gloving" effect: i feel like i am still in physical contact with the strapper for hours afterwards, and i feel warm and cared for.

A "hard school" strapping where the pain goes right through the palm is also possible, and would preclude the unlimited succession of moderate strappings that so spice up good old fashioned corporal punishment as the resilience would be gone. Such a strapping would have to be a last event in a corporal
punishment session.

I would say five moderate strappings an hour is what i have been enjoying and i think it will work well for others, especially in winter. It does for me.

When the matter was serious, teachers in Canada used to strap the hands, ten on each up to grade eight, TWENTY on each after that, so hard that the naughty boy didn't need gloves the next day;

Some schools gave only this kind of strapping and were known as "hard" schools. In Alberta it is done over the side of the palm and harness leather is used.

Here in Ontario i don't know what they used but it was something like the belting they use between the wheels on farm equipment.

i got a moderate school strapping in the third grade, and basically the same from a number of women as an adult, and i always INSIST upon it. It helps to shut me down, to pacify me.

The eye to eye contact doesn't embarrass me but rather leaves me with a feeling of bonding and intimacy that is unforgettable.

Go to your nearest charity shop and you can do like i do and get, after a number of visits to check things out, a razor strap quality belt for less than a US$ buck.

The woven leather belts at Sally Ann, etc. can be unwoven into very good whips, and cost the same amount--a perfect errand for a slave!

I forgot to mention the fact that when you strap the palms of the hands from the side, you can do so in such a way that the strap curls around and hits the back of the hand as well.

There are excellent leather belts at charity shops at a cost of ninety-nine cents and i suggest you send a slave on an errand to get a really GOOD one for you and then follow your instructions in preparing it by removing the buckle (which is often worth five times what the strap cost!) and gluing the ends together if you wish;

If you don't glue the ends together, of course, you can hold each end of the strap in one hand and make loud leather cracking sounds, causing delicious shivers.

I give such items away to professional domintrices in sets of eight and they become part of their core collection right away.

I don't clean women's toilets for them but i do make tons of good leather straps and whips which i am only too glad to present to them.

Some of them have "Strap drawers" containing only straps i have made for them, and you deserve at least one "Strap drawer slave."

I defy anyone to produce such pleasure for a mere eight dollars.

Some years ago i gave a set of eight straps to a lady from New York State and did she ever purple *** tan my hide, buttocks and backs of the legs.

I regret you weren't there to egg her on--it is a highlight of my life.

Oddly enough, my mother (1914-1997) was a girlie girl grade school teacher, but as was the custom of the day she strapped hell out of her bad boy's hands, the bigger they came the harder she t-h-r-a-s-h-e-d.

By contrast, she super-indulged me.
Pretend that you are giving some of the super lickings i should have gotten, and you won't be far wrong: men are just big babies and a jolt of responsibility is not a bad thing.

Please go, enjoy life, and be happy, and i will be happy that you are happy!

My most painful and humiliating episode was winning the 'Bet/Dare' to be the first to be belted by a visiting Australian maths teacher. We suspected that she had never used the belt and after about 3 weeks of mayhem she finally snapped called me out and sent me to see the head of my year and give him a note. This was not part of our plan as nobody wanted a belting from 'Old Bill'. My luck was out as he was in his office and as he read the note he simply said follow me and we headed back to the classroom. To my surprise-and I think 'old Bill's' the class was in total silence when we entered , the teacher simply reached out her hand and Bill gave her his prized 3 tounger and then left. She then took off her cardigan and stated that what she was about to do was against her better judgement, the colour drained from my face as she anounced that back home she was a champion tennis star who could serve at almost 100MPH and to prove it she flexed her right arm muscle then brought the tawse down with incredible speed to completely obliterate a piece of chalk she had placed on the edge of her desk. "Cross Them, and don't pull away, 4 aces coming up" The speed and accuracy of her delivery completely stunned me , two on each hand had me shaking and thankfully she stopped at four strokes and ordered me to take the 'impliment' back to it's owner as she would never have to use it again - and she was right. I found out later that when I was away she had already advised the class of her sporting prowess and that she had practised using the tawse but never thought that she would have to use it and had also 'Bet' the class that I wouldn't be able to stand 'The six' that I deserved

As for beltings with the handle end, I did a controlled test a while back with a heavy-handled John J **** Lochgelly strap from the 1950s. The handle delivered a dull thud, whereas the tails gave a much sharper sting.

Strapjock - Your experiment proved a long known fact! Slitting the business end of the strap into 2 or 3 tails does indeed increase the sting. The very earliest Lochgelly straps were not slit but experience showed that slitting the end did increase the effectiveness of the tawse and very soon they were all slit with 2 13" tails, shortened to about 11" over the years. There are several reasons for this increase in efectiveness. Firstly, the strap is able to move more quickly through the air as the open slit enables air to pass through the strap as it flies over the shoulder where the unslit strap is slightly slowed by air resistance. Secondly, the two tails separate slightly in flight widening the area of the hand being chastised and spreading the sting. Thirdly, the two tails each find their own contours to contact and "injects" their sting more effectively into the palm and fingers. The 1950's Lochgelly was made when JJD was producing possibly his finest belts and receiving the broad handle end on the palm would mean that it was prevented from doing its finest work. The belt was well designed with an elongated handle so that the teacher could grip the belt in such a way as to effectively alter its length and thereby its sting. Also the leather widened out at the butt end of the handle to help prevent it slipping through the hand when being used to administer a sound belting. The thick, dense and heavy leather ensured that it's pain would be sharp and severe and hopefully result in the miscreant not wanting to receive another leathering with it. Unfortunately not all learned the lesson and the pages of Scottish educational history are tillered with examples of pupils who were repeatedly belted, often for the same offence.

In South Africa we did not use a tawes, but belts were often used. The weapon of choice in the schools was mostly a cane, applied by male and female teachers.

I doubt if any modern teacher has the technique of the masters of old. Maybe I could be proved wrong.

Dont know kiltie wish I would meet a modern teacher prepared to experiment with a good school belting!!

Yes! The correct way to do it. But I suspect that the teachers who hit with the handle (usually women) had an idea that the bigger lump of leather would hurt more. It might produce a bruise, but the whole idea of the tawse and its tails is to produce a very sharp and painful sting rather than cause bruising (= injury). Remember that the very best tawses can cause incredible pain without any lasting damage (if used correctly).

I think the business of using the "handle" end of the tawse was pretty much confined to the "Glasgow Corporation Standard Issue" straps which were made by both Leckie, Graham & Co and Stevenson & Co. Both these firms tended to specialise in useless belts which produced some noise, but little effect. There seems to have been a thought that the greater bulk of the handle might be more effective than the tails.<br />
Interestingly, Stevenson & Co would occasionally (and at random) produce an absolute killer of a strap, one of which was issued to out history teacher as a replacement for his piece of nonsense! He continued (out of habit) using the same amount of effort as he had with the old strap!! This was something to be avoided at all costs!

Funny: I don't think I ever saw the belt in use in any of my modern language classes. The elderly head of Classics, however, did use his belt once in a while: as I remember, it was a long, black two-tailer that could have come from the Philp stable. When threatening a belting, he'd say 'Do you want to be half-killed?', but as I recall, the performance didn't live up to the rhetoric.

Funny: I don't think I ever saw the belt in use in any of my modern language classes. The elderly head of Classics, however, did use his belt once in a while: as I remember, it was a long, black two-tailer that could have come from the Philp stable. When threatening a belting, he'd say 'Do you want to be half-killed?', but as I recall, the performance didn't live up to the rhetoric.