Buttplug Wearing

rWould wearing one all the time make the hole gape? I have used a prostate massager( Eros) and worn it for a time and decide it was not enough. I also wanted something that felt better like the vibrator my wife uses on me. I kinda messed up and bought a 2.25 dia. butt plug and my vibrator is 2.0 inches. The extra quarter inch is very hard to get my hole to stretch. I have though about getting a short 1.75 inch vibrating plug to wear and use when I am filling my wife and to stimulate my prostate. What do you use or recommend?
freedomlvr freedomlvr 51-55 3 Responses Nov 6, 2011

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My wife started me on trying butt plugs. She first used a 1 inch plug on me, and i thought that it was just ok. Then she started me wearing it more often and i liked the feeling. Before long she told me that she was going to train me to start wearing a plug most of the time. I am very submissive so i do what i am told. I now use a 3.25 inch dia plug as my everyday plug. I have an enema routine that i do every Friday that helps me stay clean for at least 5 days so a can use my plug without any problems. You need to just work at the 2.25 inch plug and you will get it in.

I guess size matters, but I may try a vibrating Butt plug for a few days to just see if I can have more erections and better,stronger orgazums.

Except when at work, I wear a plug all the time. I've been doing it for more than a year and I haven't developed any gape nor rosebud - most likely because I like to squeeze my plug (fortifying the sphincter muscle) and I tend not to stretch too much.

That said, I am penpal with a few 60+ years old pluggers, who lived the lifestyle for many many years, and some of them have developed a permanent gape and "asslips".