Notebook Computers Are Smaller, Lighter And The Batteries Last Longer Than A Laptop

I bought a DELL INSPIRON MINI 10 about a year ago at our local Staples store for $350

It is a Notebook rather than a Laptop.. Most notebooks weigh < 3 lbs; Most laptops weigh around 6 to 8 lbs. The batteries in Notebooks last twice as long as those in Laptops.
Both of these features are great for students on the go.

Slower processor and no built in CDROM./ DVD. and a smaller screen But plenty fast enough unless mathematically or graphically intense computations involved. You can buy an external DVD with a USB Connector for $50 that will work fine when you infrequently need to download a new program. Most of the transfer activities are using either the Internet or a Thumb Drive these days.

The screens on the notebooks are about 5 1/2" high whereas the laptops are around 7 1/2" high so if your vision is not "eagle rated", you may have difficulty reading the screen unless you go to larger characters. This is why I went to the Dell INSPIRON Mini 10. It was the only one that offered an HDMI port. An HDMI port allows you to connect the notebook directly to a large screen HDTV set and then use the HDTV set as a humongous monitor..

I use this Dell INSPIRON Mini 10 with a 10' long HDMI cable connected to a 46" Sony HDTV set. I put the Sony's input selector to PC and the Dell video card to dual output screens with the primary display being the built in display and the secondary display, set to 1920 by 1089 resolution, being the HDTV Set. This allows me to interactively design things with several windows open and have the small screen on the Dell available for auxillary things in general.such as texting, face-booking (the Dell has a built in camera) or other activities and programs in general..

All of the recent notebooks and Laptops come with WI-FI so you can get a signal off the air within a 100 feet or more, providing a connection to the Internet, printers etc. School Libraries, School Dorms, Staples, Best BUY (I think), Wendy's, McDonald's, Safeway, Most Airports, Flights-soon, all offer free short rang open WI-FI ports. You can connect to your home computer when on vacation through a secure WI-FI port on the home Computer

Be extremely Careful when connecting to the Internet. EVERY CROOK IN THE WORLD KNOWS A LOT MORE ABOUT HOW TO RUN A SUCCESSFUL INTERNET SCAM than you ever will. You can run a secondary Linux based system on the DELL when connected to the internet, and be considerably safer. I would suggest that you download and use a free Linux system call UBUNTU which claims to have a vastly better security system. Microsoft Windows is the best system in the world to get a computer infection.
Instead of paying top dollar for high risk Microsoft office software download the free OPEN OFFICE from JAVA.You can get text editors, PDF readers and writers and converters, and Powerpoint capabilites, all free. What's the catch? When they advertise, and later sell the business to some fat cat, they will get their money and then some back from advertising and investors.

Most colleges will have laser printers on their WI-FI Networks, but You should consider getting one of your own. I would suggest a 4 in 1 printer system which can print, scan,copy and FAX your pictures and text in full color. I have the Canon Pixma MP500 and the Canon Pixma MP150. I have had them around for some time, and newer ones are around now, so get the latest version. Get as fast a printer as you can afford. I now look for around 30 Pages Per Minute B& W and 25 ppm Color as a minimum speed. Most of my printers outlive the original computer by 3 to 1. I use 92 brightness paper. It is less expensive and still very legible.

There is another item that will prove invaluable to your collegiate career. Think about getting a miniature Voice Input "dictation" system and some Voice to Text translating software. I got a Sony solid state input system with 32 GB of memory for $60 and some Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Preferred software on sale from Staples and Best Buy for $100. Dragon claims that you can triple your typing speed because you speak much faster than anyone can type. The Sony unit that I got was designed to be used anywhere and then be downloaded into your notebook. Then the software will convert your voice notes to text for documentation. This way you can take notes whenever and wherever they occur..

Put it all together and it will cost about 1 Kilobuck. It should easily outlast college days including grad school making it the best investment in your child's education ever.
P.S. I have no financial interest in these items or companies mentioned.  i have into computers since 1967, and my current computer activity is centered on Neural Network Computers.
I also design 3D HDTV systems using a pair of offset video cameras and 3d viewing anaglyph (Red and Blue) glasses
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Jul 26, 2010