I Record Music At Home...

    ...and it might not be brilliant, or the 'next big thing' but it's a great source of enjoyment for me and a couple of mates who sometimes join me.

    I'm a bass player who can only sing in certain low keys and thinks he can play convincing guitar and program decent drums. I also have a stab at keyboards and I can play bouzouki. I also have way too much gear!

    I'm sick of hearing the same old band names floating around where I live. Everybody gives their attention to gigging bands which is perfectly fine but I don't think the bedroom musicians should be left out any more. They deserve the same support as the rest of 'em.
    Personally I don't do gigs because I'm not convinced anyone would want to hear what I'm writing and I don't have anyone to back me up on stage. I refuse point blank to perform on stage with just a guitar and a CD player!

    My so-called 'music' can be found at:

    I hope there are other folks out there who are in the same boat...!
octoberrust octoberrust
22-25, M
Jul 15, 2007