Wanted A Video Of Me Having Gay Sex

I have never seen myself have sex. I wanted to see for some reason. So this guy has been texting me off phone app about getting together. We set up the time and I set up my computer. We had been together once before, so we could dispense with pleasantries when he arrived. He has a great **** and awesome ***. I set the computer up as I was checking email and started recording before he came in. I had figured the best angle, which still showed everything, but kept his face mostly out of view. 

He came in and we said hi and he saw his **** ring he left behind from the last time, I had set it out for him. He wasted no time getting it on. we started stripping immediately. With his back side to the camera I started sucking him. After a few minutes I told him to lay down as I wanted to suck him better. He laid back and I went to work on his **** with my head in full view of the camera. I worked his **** and could tell he was turned on with great pleasure. I did want to slow this down so I could get the whole experience. I told him my **** needed his mouth on it. He became like a vacuum on my ****. He sucked me with such intense pleasure. He knows how to deep throat a ****. My **** was pounding with excitement. 

I told him to lay back and he grabbed the lube on the night stand and I grabbed a condom. Knowing how much of a bottom guy he is I could tell he was ready to get topped. On my knees and a pillow under him I began to slide my **** into place. Pushing my **** into him. His tight hole was beginning to relax and I began pounding him. I pounded him with eager excitement. He was smiling with great pleasure. Holding his legs up I pumped him with vigor and steady rhythm. I told him I was ready to *** and he began jacking his still hard ****. I began to plow his hot *** with harder and harder thrust. The bed was moving and he was bouncing on the headboard. I could tell he was ready to shoot his load. I thrusted and could fee that I was filling the condom full. He was still jacking and shot his load. It shot up to his shoulder. I could tell it had been a while for him. We were both spent.

After a few minutes talking he dressed and took off. over to the computer I went. It was awesome seeing me suck **** and having my **** sucked. Then to see how my *** looked while topping him was such a turn on. I ended up jacking off just watching the the screen. I was mesmerized watching my *** and seeing myself get to have sex with another person. 

so wow, a new experience. 

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9 Responses May 22, 2012

I wanna see this vid

I have for a while had a desire to give a guy oral sex and be taped while enjoying ourselves and watch it on the internet also for many other guys to see it and watch as the guy guy **** in my mouth I want this badly

that's hot. i want to be taped having sex with another man. i'd love to share it with others also

Wow, made my **** hard !!

Sounds exciting! I would have loved to be a part of the show, watching you go to work, on me and me going to work on you! YUM!!!

Damn...would love to see that video!

I would love to be your naked cameraman, sexy!

Sounds good. Bring a tripod and join in.

That's hot to video yourself having sex. Do you have any chance of inviting a 3rd party to be the cameraperson?

That could be hot. I will try sometime.

Hot story.