I Finally Recovered From My Eating Disorder But....

It's taken me years to recover from my batte with anorexia. It wasnt through wanting to lose weight or because i don't like food. I just generally had an issue with eating..like i couldnt be bothered to do it, or i'd put myself off eating something.
I really want to gain weight and be a more average size rather than look like a twig.
But recently i've begun to get issues with eating again and i don't know what to do. I daren't speak to my family, friends or boyfriend about it because they've all tried so hard to help me and i know for a fact my parents are sick of it, but i don't want to go it alone...
Does anyone have any suggestions or advice? It would be very much appreciated
Thanks xx
Tilly95 Tilly95
22-25, F
2 Responses Jul 26, 2011

Good for you! This is huge! As bp we go to extremes and our faulty self image empowers lots of bad choices . Glad to see you in recovery ...keep walking , maybe even stumbling to the light ...you are worth it and we all need to savour our victories as we battle on....losing every now and then will happen.
Hope you have a good eatting disorder support bestie to chat with this about. Peer support is magic...it gives us resilience and love to overcome. Much peace, strength & empowering to you. MrHeartaFire

I feel you!!
Remeber tomorrows another day and what you struggle doing today could come so easy to you tomorrow. Dont give up x