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I Finally Recovered From My Eating Disorder But....

It's taken me years to recover from my batte with anorexia. It wasnt through wanting to lose weight or because i don't like food. I just generally had an issue with i couldnt be bothered to do it, or i'd put myself off eating something.
I really want to gain weight and be a more average size rather than look like a twig.
But recently i've begun to get issues with eating again and i don't know what to do. I daren't speak to my family, friends or boyfriend about it because they've all tried so hard to help me and i know for a fact my parents are sick of it, but i don't want to go it alone...
Does anyone have any suggestions or advice? It would be very much appreciated
Thanks xx
Tilly95 Tilly95 18-21, F 1 Response Jul 26, 2011

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I feel you!!
Remeber tomorrows another day and what you struggle doing today could come so easy to you tomorrow. Dont give up x