I Am Trying To Recover From My Binge Eating Disorder, But I Feel Down. Are You Recovered? Can You Help?

I am a freshman in college and my whole life I have always been overweight. It wasn't until I was thirteen when I started to actually "Do something about it". Anyways bottom line is for about 5 years I was a chronic dieter. I starved myself, overexercised, counted calories etc. When I turned 18 I decided that enough was enough and I will finally make peace with food. I am trying to practice intuitive eating and living, but the first time I tried it, I was too focused on only eating when I was hungry. Then I read a book "Eating in the Light of the Moon" that changed my outlook on life. I had so many resources on intuitive eating but I just kept relapsing. It was because I wasn't taken care of the real problem. Now I am starting fresh and approaching a new way. I am going to a therapist, have an online coach and programs, I journal, I go out more, I am trying to make new people, focusing more on school, hanging out with people who have a normal relationship with food and themselves, I am going to church more etc. HOWEVER, I keep messing up and I think I am hungry and I tend to eat too much or eat when I am not hungry. My parents make comments like "Lately you have been eating too much" or " You are putting on so much weight". My whole life they have always said stuff about my weight. I keep messing up, and I feel so down. I am doing everything in my power to recover. Giving it my 110%. But I keep messing up. It has almost been a month. When you were begginning to recover, how was it like for you? Please share your story! I need some motivation.
Moralesleydi Moralesleydi
Jan 12, 2013