Rectal Temperature In The Er

I thought I might have appendicitis so went down to the local hospital ER. They gave me a room, a gown, and told me to take everything off. The doctor came in, examined and palpated me. He said he needed to take my temperature. As I sat on the table watching him, I see him pull on a rubber glove and get out the lube. He told me to lie on my left side facing the door. I asked him why a rectal measurement, and he replied it was more accurate for appendicitis. With that he slipped the thermometer up my rectum. He was called out of the room and he left the door open, so anyone walking by could see me lying there with the electronic thermometer up my butt. Turns out it wasn't appendicitis so went home. But preferred erring on the side of safety.
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I had an appendcitis emergency surgery after thought it was bad poison I had to rectal examine. Turn out it was only appendix ruptured.

In 1988 I had an appedcities emergency surgery.. Before that I have hard time to getting ASL, American Sign Language interpreter for three days. I was so pissed off.. they did not know how to getting ASL in ER for 24 hour for 7 days. they did not training propery by Interpreter Coorndiator... End up I was stuck for two night and one morning. I had to getting doctor to listen me and not want to written a note and pen.. I was too sick. Twenty years later I sued Hospital for not listen me for 24 hours due they failure to getting ASL, Interpreter for American Disablities Act law were passed the law to require to hire ASL interpreter. .. Glad i did not die on the table twice time.

Earlier I forgot to say I had a rectal exam due to lack of dignoased food poison,too.. but it was not .. it was actually appedcities were going serious drain pretty bad.. he thought it will be fatal if I do not on operator quickly instead of three day.