Recycling Is Important To Me.

Recycling is something that I don't often talk about. I recycle most things that I can think to recycle and hope that people will see my example and follow the same. This happened when I was a college student. My roomates saw how passionate I was about it and all started doing it!

At work, things get thrown in the dumpster that make me really uncomfortable when I think about how these items will go in the landfill. I have been know to "rescue" things from the dumpster and find a way to recycle them. I have an app called irecycle. It helps a lot. Sometimes I feel like some sort of recycling renegade lol
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3 Responses Dec 2, 2010

It feels good to reuse & recycle, especially if the alternative is landfill. Luckily where I live all unrecycled items are incinerated & the energy generated is recycled into electricity. Wish this was done everywhere. No one wants to live on top of the recently closed landfill.

thanks, love2Balone :)

recycling renegade, I LOVE THAT!!