I Really Try To Do My Best Not To Be Wasteful

Although honestly I haven't always been like this. I started noticing the past few years that I try to be more conscious with recycling and stuff. RIght now I live with my sister, her fiancé and another roommate so there are things that get left turned on and things thrown in the garbage that should be put with recycling. I even unplug most appliances when they are not in use lol and I know it sometimes bothers everyone else just cause they have to plug it back in again. But I really don't do it to be annoying I'm just trying to save electricity and also doesn't bother me to do it. Its just habit for me now.
Sometimes even if I go to throw something out in the trash and I see really obvious things that should go in the recycling I just take it out of the trash and put it with plastic or the cardboard etc. I mean unless its grossly dirty or something lol and yes I wash my hands every time lol
Thats another thing...I've never washed my hands as much as I do now...but thats kind of off topic lol

So who else is an unplugger of appliances junkie haha
I remember I started unplugging things when I read online how even if something is plugged in but "off" that it is still using some kind of power. Hardly any really but still... I feel every little bit helps.


romina0523 romina0523
31-35, F
Mar 21, 2012