How Annoying!

I hate when there is a recycling bin RIGHT NEXT TO the trash, yet people throw bottles and cans into the trash.  This happens constantly!!

Just think of all the materials we could save if everyone just started recycling their old things, even if they don't get 5 cents back!

babishka babishka
18-21, F
1 Response May 13, 2007

Oh that makes me mad too. What also makes me mad is when people throw random garbage in the recycling bin when there is a trash bin right there. I've even seen people put random garbage at the curb in their recycling boxes instead of filling them with recyclables. I don't know whether I'd rather think I live in a society where people are too dense to be able to tell the difference between aluminum cans and half eaten sandwiches, or whether I'd rather believe they're just THAT apathetic.