I find myself recycling his words,
Using them with others,
Trying to make sure they're not just tossed.
And yet there's a pang I feel;
Each time I do it, I ask myself "why?"
Then I tell myself " to make sure I realize there's nothing special about him."

But I remain unconvinced.
milkynips milkynips
46-50, F
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I can hear Sugarland's hit, "Stuck On You!", playing in the background. It's a very cute music video with singer Jennifer Nettles - as a stalker!

Ooh, nice. Thanks a buttload.

Follow your logical mind. There WAS NOT anything special about him. He was especially cowardly, especially dismissive, and especially thoughtless. And there is nothing special about that.

Tell me what you REALLY think. No, I know you're right. You are. I guess I just really WANTED there to be. But wishing doesn't make it so.


recycling is a key component of sustainability.......

hiya milkynips - did you get the taz stories and did you like them ?

hope you're having a great day

I did, thank you. I'm sorry, but I haven't time right now to read a document that long. I'm trying to get my own manuscript finished. But I very much appreciate you sending them. Most kind.

tis okay my dear - it is light sexy reading at best - :)