I Made A Petition For Recycling In The Usa

I am from canada, and where i live recycling is the norm.

I am right now visiting us and i was horrified to find out many states still don`t recycle anything at all.

For a technologically advanced country like that i think its a real shame.

USA should lead the way in regard to sustainable living, caring and respecting the earth.

We are using earth`s ressource at tremendeous speed
soon we will be more than 8 billion people on this planet
its time we make the necessary move to provide our children with the same chances we had.

start recycling now.
please help starting recycling programs in all USA by signign my petition at change. org at the following adress:

from canada
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Good morning dear friend I signed this petition I would love to see more recycling, and I also found we have the same name! Very cool! :)

Your named Bia...? Oh cool!
Thanx for signing my white sister (our name means white and also fair, did you know?)

I did! :) it is rare i see someone with our name, I think its a great name!

Yeah me too i think its a nice name... How old are you sweety? Me 30

Its even more rare to see gurls with our name that think alike!

Im a young body of 23 but an old soul :)

It is! I love it!

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Are you nuts? It's not enough that my government is trying to rule every aspect of my life! I don't need private citizens trying to dictate my own personal behavior as well.

I hope you find truth
Because if everyone thinks like you there is no future for our children

You are aware that just because there is a recycling program doesn't mean that you have to participate in all aspects of it, right? But shouldn't you recycle not because other people are telling you to but because you have a moral responsibility to do what you can to try and protect the environment? It really doesn't take much effort, so I don't see how it would be so horrible even if you were forced to do it.

Yes! Its not because there is a programm that you have to follow it! But there SHOULD be a program and the possibility to recycle if you want!! This country is technologically advanced or what??

i am in

Thank u soo much! Please spread it!!
I intend to get a million signature..
This may seam alot! But if everyone spread this link we can do it!!

your welcome and it's a good thing i will spread this link

i'm in too xox

Thanx you guys are awesome! Lets change the world!

cool =) @hussaini12

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thank u 4 your wonderful petition!

agreed, i think people in US usually take the things they have for granted.

Thank you! Yes! So true!

Agreed. And it is so easy. Me and my family just throw some things in a couple of blue boxes and put them out by the curb every 1-2 weeks. We also just got a garden/kitchen waste recycling program in our region which is great for the region as a whole, but really redundant for us since we live outside the city where lots are large enough for compost bins (and most people in my town have got them).

Yeah you are soo great!
We compost at home and use it for our garden!

I'm with you my friend

Thank you sooo much please spread the link! One million signature is the goal!


Thanx lushi!! I really want one million signature! Can you help me spread this petition?

We can only do so much, otherwise you know who is coming soon. :)

Who you?

Yes goddess, of course.

Thank you thank you

where do i sign ezactly? is this the link?

if you want to.. you go to this link and sign.. feel no obligation of course

There XD

thanx i think you are the first besides me! now only 999 998 signature left for one million!! youhou!!! thank you so much!!

any time XD

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