Waste Not, Want Not

Reduce:The reduce category refers to using less of a particular item or simply not buying an item any more because it cannot be recycled or reused. A perfect example is Styrofoam products. There are many alternatives to Styrofoam. It would be best to avoid purchasing Styrofoam cups and simply use cups and glasses that can be washed and reused. If this can't be done, paper cups would certainly be better than using Styrofoam. Another way we can reduce the amount of waste we produce is to encourage manufacturers to redesign their packaging to use less material, to use recycled materials and to contain fewer hazardous materials. By expressing our views to manufacturers, retailers and the government, and by selective shopping we can make an impact on solid waste. Reuse: Reuse is using an item again. Instead of throwing away your old things, find a new home for them. Books, games and clothes you have outgrown...pass them on rather than tossing them away. By passing used materials on to someone else, you can make less garbage and save precious energy and resources. Some community groups collect used items to sell in stores or to give to needy families. Used books are often collected by libraries for special book sales that raise money to buy new library books. Old games can sometimes be donated to hospitals or other places where kids need something to play with. This lowers the need to purchase another item. Antiques, yard sales, hand-me-downs, and second-hand stores are all reuses, but the items will eventually be thrown away. Items your family no longer wants or which are broken can many times be reused. Old furniture, clothing, and appliances can be passed on to others. Cars and appliances that no longer work can be used for their parts. Recycle: Many items can be used again or turned into other useful items. This is what is meant by recycling. Recycled newspapers may be made into many different items. Some include paper bags, egg cartons, animal bedding, cardboard, newspaper, and insulation. Beverage containers can be reused. Plastic bottles can be made into carpet, artificial lumber, winter jackets and much more. {copied from: Science Activities - Reuse It Or Lose It.  on following site  http://www.earth.uni.edu/EECP/mid/mod4_s... }  

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thanks for compliments, however be aware I did not write this, I merely copied & pasted from ask.com question link 'how long does it take for newspaper to disintegrate?' & came upon Science Activities - Reuse It or Lose It in http://www.earth.uni.edu/EECP/mid/mod4_s... Since I initially did not see who or what to credit the actual prose to I forgot to add/edit that into the post. whenever I find something interesting & or agree with I copy/paste/share/spread around.

A solid piece of journalism Ravenlee!<br />
I am impressed with your stype and knowledge of the subject.<br />
Here is an URL that fits in with the reuse part that may help your readers. www.freecycle.com<br />
This organization is free to sign up for and it will put you in touch with others who are giving things away and so that you can pass things on as well.<br />
I got a like new 4 drawer legal size file cabinet for free and gave an older self propelled lawnmower in good condition to someone else.<br />
Once again... great post!!!

Fabulous post! That's some great informtion