My Mother Left Me &. I Still Cannot Reason With Her, Bc Shes Bipolar.-and we are long distance.

My story is I have been needing my mom as I grow older left us @ 26 and my brother a few years older than me.   When my parents divorced, for a while it hurt, but then a relationship with mom kept getting harder.  Nowadays, it was a mess, but now I feel when I visit I then want to stay w/mom forever.  I feel like pretty cluless on having my own family too.  I do have support from dad and step mom, Mary but they can't do it all.  This is hard for me to talk too (the screen)  but I'd say if I knew at the age I am right now, seeing mom or being with her is pretty useless.helps, we hardly talk about it with our friends w/ out them getting mad!!!  Like gurl friends will say gosh i hate your mother..It has become a loss, and  an abundace with alot of  NO Solutions.  I wud love to talk to someone out there. somewhere &  anywhere....!  
stapler2345 stapler2345
Jan 31, 2011