I Have Never Voted and Will Never Vote

I was born in Mauritius, but I have lived in England, UK, for over 30 years now.

I have never voted for anyone and will never vote.  I do not believe in Politicians, none of them.

When an election is approaching, they would shake the hands of the people and kiss babies; and then, when the election is over and they are elected - where is the love for the people, where is the love for the babies?  Gone, gone for ever.

Uk is the worse country in the world; it is nothing but a Totalitarian Regime in disguise, where there is no Justice and Human Rights.

I have never loved in America, so I can't say very much about the country.  But what I do know, is that many people with health problems cannot afford to see or a doctor or have an operation, because they cannot afford to pay.

The American Government spends millions of Dollars on wars and in other countries, but do very little for their own people.

Wars are not caused by the people; they are caused by Governments. 

The only way we are goimng to change the world, is by us ordinary people, refusing to vote. 

France Chorley

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66-70, M
1 Response May 2, 2007

How is not voting going to change anything? I for one believe there are a few select politicians out there that really want to make a positive difference. Voting is the only way you have any say in what goes on. If you want to end war, vote against it. That simple.