My Issues, Not Their Issues

I want a person running fior office to adopt my issues if he/she wants my vote.  I will not sign on to a party's issues.  I used to be a Dem, and there are few Repubs I would vote for.  That leaves me voting against, unless I find a candidate who is for real campaign finance reform, universal healthcare, better regulation of Food, drugs, and financial institutions. Roads, public safety deserve attention.  I do  not see a solution to the education mess, and would like to know if public education is worth saving.  Perhaps, pay teachers who teach double what they now make, and fire the rest.  Coaches have no inherent qualification to be principals. NPT has enough documentaries on teachers who DO teach, and earn the enmity of their colleagues.
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3 Responses May 29, 2006

So you admit you have issues then

why do you want the government to salve the problems of society?

This country would be much better off if people voted independently of party affiliation and for candidates they feel fill the bills of appropriateness and common sense based on their own perceptions of how to improve our society. It's the only way we can get out of the messes- we've got ourselves into by voting in the people wrong for the job. Vote independently of party affiliation, but just be sure to vote every chance you get for the right people- it's not just issues, but the entire system of dealing with them that needs an overhaul.