Independents Need To Take Over

Happy to be Independent. Which is what America is all about right?  No party will tell me how to think when it comes to an issue.  Subscribing to everything a party stands for these days means falling in line with the most extreme wings.  For this reason, I think the parties are representing a narrower group of people these days.  Unfortunately there is no place for moderate representation in today's politics.   Logic and reason has given way to loud and strong rhetoric aimed to tug at emotions and feelings.  
No wonder people feel politicians are out of touch.
stndoerr28 stndoerr28
1 Response Jan 29, 2013

There will be no true independent candidates until they stop fundraising and taking money from special interest groups once elected. I am going to run for congress in 2014 and will not take money from anyone. It is not necessary to get your message across. There is the league of women's voters guide and in it i will have the address to my web site. It is all any candidate really needs to get a message across.