Bipartisanism Stinks

I hate the bipartisan system in the US. Moderates like me feel stuck with no place to go and many of us don't vote because we don't feel like we'll make any difference. I still vote, but I don't vote on party lines; I'll vote for who I believe the ideals of, the one who sounds honest and has a good track record. I really don't understand why you wouldn't vote unless you hated all the candidates...
Christabel Christabel
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 25, 2007

part of the problem with the bi partisan system is that in the primaries, the candidates are selling themselves to the very active members of their political party, so they lean further left or further right than they normally would. The candidates that fit best with the party, often the most extreme ones, are put up for general election. The problem is the majority of Americans are moderates, and the primaries have already knocked all the moderates out.