Decline to State

Even before I became a journalist, I was never able to identify with just one political party and its platform. Even the third-party parties just didn't seem right. So, when I registered to vote, I did so as a "decline to state." I feel more comfortable and open in choosing my candidates and voting for propositions because I do so based on what they stand for instead of voting down the party line. It also helps in terms of my career, because I've not pledged allegiance to a group. I don't contribute to any campaigns or groups where my name will be recorded, because this, too, gives the appearance of bias when you're a journalist.

PatientRapunzel PatientRapunzel
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5 Responses Aug 25, 2006

I regestared with a party so I could vote in the primary. In the general election all you have is a choice between the two or three guys the parties nominate.

I am the same way.<br />
When someone asks what party I just say American...

I am the same way.<br />
When someone asks what party I just say American...

not vote?! uh uh .. that is just silly, in my opinion.<br />
<br />
i don't believe we should vote for parties; we should vote for people.

You make some very valid entries here. I think for one election year everyone should sit at home and not vote! Wouldn't that put the gov't. in a tizzy?! Besides the bottom vote comes down to the electorial college anyways! And local elections(anyways where I come from) are just as bad a joke as in the nationals. The only time I would vote on a local scale is to keep the snake I already know, than the one I'd have to get to know!