Even If You Are On the Winning Side, There Is Still a Loss.

I may clam an affiliation for a personal purpose, but will never consider it anything but a temporary label.

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5 Responses Mar 14, 2009

I do agree. I do not think we should be fixed on a specific party. We should be voting for those who have the best interest of the people in mind.

i beleave he is doing that. is it right? well depends...i voted in the last elections that took place but i wouldn't label my self with that party.there views where closest to mine. isn't that what you look for when looking into a political party. now from the way you said it to me it looks like he/she is going with whatever they can make the most gain from......which isn't right. so all in all im with you my dear! :) lol thanks for making that easier for me! :)<br />
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I am assuming this person is stating that they are not apart of any political party but will claim a party for a personal agenda. I am not sure where he or she is going with it, which is why I posed the previous question. Basically, is it right to jump on a specific political party band-wagon for personal agendas? This may not be what he or she is stating at all.

thats heavy could you break that down in to more understandable questions. not overly sure whr your going with it is all and would like to understand but im not that smart. thank you<br />
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So do you think that it a crime or such a shame to make political decisions for self gratification, or for reasons of self-mobilization, separate from associations and agendas that are beneficial to supporters and constituents?<br />
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Julene Allen_Dell'Amor<br />