Life Is Too Short

I refuse to be an azzhole to other people just because they may be rude to me. So what if someone cuts me off in traffic?  So what, if they cut in line?  Life is too short to continually go around retaliating against every unkind act that has been forged against me. I would rather just live and get on with my happy life.  After all, isn't that the best revenge?  To let those persons see how happy you are even though they may not be.

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46-50, F
5 Responses Oct 4, 2009

Oh I have heard you mention your road rage. Do you remember what I told you? "How did that person's actions really impact you in the grand scheme of life?"

:) true.

Sometimes, it's just not worth wasting the energy on someone. But traffic situations are the worst!

LOL... I can imagine you hear that many times a day lol.

IVFP, Well, I had to do something because my friend's son was with me and this man person cut me off. He yelled out "azzhole" at the person because he had heard me say it. Oops!<br />
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HTH, Hardie!<br />
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TTK, Yepper!