My Mum Always Said...

Only boring people get bored.  It used to drive me crazy.   

It sounds so self-rightous and patronising - I would never say it to anyone who complained of boredom.

I still find it highly irritating but although not quite an inspiration as such, it always spurs me on - I dont want to be a boring person, so I refuse to be bored.  I will find myself ANYTHING to do just to avoid hearing my mothers words running through my brain!

auroraaustralis auroraaustralis
5 Responses Feb 16, 2009

Ahahaha... thats actually adorable - silly - but adorable :)

I think it so annoying to hear because it something so easily fixed and yet nothing anyone suggests is ever good enough for the boredee. Its like a self fulfilling state of being.<br />
<br />
So right Nuevo.... that 'Mum' inner voice is the worst!

I really hate hearing those two words...'I'm bored'. I don't know why but it's definitely near the top of my pet peeves list.

Thanks Sweetie - its nice to hear that :)

Oh, amen sister. lol <br />
And your not boring, just so you know :D.