Not Again

This is it. Being the Maid of Honor for two different brides is enough for a life time. I have agreed to be the maid of honor for another friend of mine, my closest friend IF she decides to marry--but most likely it won't happen as she is already married. Who knows.

But I have a creeping feeling that two other friends will ask me, as they have hinted, to be front and center at their weddings, and I'm not sure how to just blatantly come out and say, " NO!!!!! Please don't do this to me =("

I'm exhausted. A Bridal shower costs more than the tickets I have to pay to get to the destination wedding, the party favors, the seeing of random people.

I was ecstatic to see the brides happy, but I'm drawing the line. After the weddings, if I'm asked one more time by (insert names) I will do a back flip into a pond and do a backstroke upstream until a grizzly catches me in a pile of misinformed salmon so I can basque in the glow of being at the mercy of mother nature and not the will of brides and grooms and chaos.

When I get married, it will be simple. Bring yourself. There will be food, cake, and music. No one will plan anything. I will arrange simple things, and there will not be this looming debt over my being. I will move forth into the world with another person by my side and all will be well. People can take pictures, I will hug people, people will hug people, animals will hug people. Even birds.

Jujalee Jujalee
1 Response Sep 16, 2012

yes birds will hug people