Being Exploited

When you're faced with ordeals that cause you to be torn between various (and often, vastly contrasting) paths, you potentially lose your sense of identity, or sercurity in your own individuality, from time to time.

It's a vulnerable state, and in the harsh plane some of us dwell in it leads to us being easily exploitable.

We're often too drained, a lack of strength, to be able to fight it.

We do it because we want to feel like we have a place, or that we could be useful.

In other instances, we get a good vibe from a situation, group or person, in particular, and spend months, even years, just chasing.

They only indulge in the followers and attention, but aren't appreciative of it.

I could name examples, but it's easier just to say I've had alot of this, and it's not a nice feeling.

However, I grew stronger, and you can too. But it's a strength you need to come to, about something that's INSIDE YOU, not out. Something in you, a side effect from a previous experience, can make you stronger, even if you don't feel it. What doesn't finish you off, makes you stronger.

At a certain point, I came to the realization, and from that point on no one would ever use me again. I became my own self, the one I was supposed to be.

For a while I grew angry and resenting for those that exploited me, but after a while I was pleased to have known them, and pleased to have gained that experience, because thanks to them, I have become a stronger person, to confront or deny those with a similar nature later in life.

I've come a long way.

And I know alot of you out there feel like you are being used and exploited for other people's fun. But you just gotta find your strengths.

And remember, they're only using and exploiting you, because you're an artifact for their greater ego.

What I'm saying is.

You're a gem.
Jiemusu Jiemusu
22-25, M
Aug 10, 2010