Ive Never Cared What " They " Thought It Made Me Do It Even More

 as i grew up i always  had people in my face no dont  talk like that , dont dress like that  dont do that to your hair   but ive always rebeled ...  when i was married  my husband  told me how to dress  ,  i wasnt allowed to dye my hair any color but red  and once i left him i can officially say the ***** is back!!!!   ive always rebeled  as far as my looks ( and my attitude  i was always standing up for something  in  school ) i love to look like me ....  skirts , fishnets ,  funky hair and  black nails  thats always been me ... its funny my mom has always supported me  she wasnt the one tellin me how to be it was friends parents , or school  officials  and   people who really never mattered  even now my sister in law's mom tells me you shouldnt dress like that  and  blah blah blah  you have two kids ...  what are you gonna do  when you have conferences   dadadada   im like i know how to dress for conferences but the way i want to dress when i go somewhere be it the grocery store or  therapy  is my time  i dont dress like a ***** ... the shortest skirt i have  is mid thigh ... its just  school girlish and i barely ever wear it ...  out of respect for my mom  but ill wear it to therapy  idc what  they think  they can go eat a telephone pole for all  i care !!!
starstruck2xtrme starstruck2xtrme
26-30, F
Feb 25, 2007