Fangs And Blood

hi im 12 and turning 13 in a few weeks my canine teeth are gone my baby ones ofcourse but my adult cainine teeth havent come out yetif you lift my upper lips upwords through my gum you can see my canine teeth they are very sharp i also love blood when i see it i get drawn to it i have cuts i suck it dry and want more im really strong strongest and fastest in all my classes boys always arm wrestle me with 1 hand and 2 but loose my time for 100 meters is under 12 seconds i have good eye sight and can sense if one is comming my eyes are brown around the iris it a layer of green then blue with some purple its a ring around my eye 13 is that when i change my cainine teeth come out whats happening
bloodyvamps bloodyvamps
13-15, F
Sep 17, 2012