Maybe its because of influences when i grew up... those kind of feel good messages that tell you : Hey! you're unique and you don't need to change... et cetra".

I'm unique and not 'unique' unique.  I just can't seem to fit in with the people my age... I'm a teen and people my age are going out and hanging out in the mall and stuff. I don't like it... and i would rather do homework than waste time like that.

You know what i mean, teenagers going to the mall and buying absolutely NOTHING at all... They just walk around, chatting and generally being irritating by making a big ruckus.

Anyway, I  digress. maybe its the way i've been brought up. In Singapore, a person like me is not common. I don't know about elsewhere. I've met people like me who have the same traits as me. We process English by instinct. I don't care about grammer or agreement.... I simply... do it and most of the time... i do it pretty good.

This translates into the way i speak. I speak in a perceived caucasian accent and maybe this causes people to think that I'm arrogant.

i don't have many friends, those i do i know i can count on. Sometimes I like being me... seperate from the general population. Other times i do get a twinge of (envy/sadness?) when i see a whole bunch of typical teens and knowing that i may never be LIKE them... It gets lonely sometimes y'know...
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I know exactly what you're feeling, when I was a teenager, I felt completely different from everyone else around me and didn't have too many friends. Now that I've gotten older, I relish the fact that I'm completely different and "weird" if you will. You should embrace your uniqueness, be proud of the fact that you're not like your peers. Don't be condescending about it, but let people know that you're awesome because you're different from them.